Shosholoza Ocean Academy – MSC Cruises News Update – August 2021

Dear Valued MSC Cruises Family Member

We trust you and your loved ones well.

Your patience and support, over the past year and a half, have been extraordinary, we will never stop thanking you for being such a strong MSC Family Member.

We are working hard to have as many ships operational as possible by the end of the year. As ships come back into service the Shosholoza Ocean Academy team will be sending you Engagement Proposals as they are received from the Sorrento Crew Office HR Coordinators, so it is important that all your documents are up to date along with your contact information.

At MSC Cruises we are very confident in our strategy to keep on the path set for the new ship building plan and efforts to get as many ships back in service as possible.

This is demonstrated by the brand new MSC Virtuosa, launched this last May, followed by MSC Seashore due to sail in August.

Due to this ship expansion we are embarking on hiring new crew to replace some colleagues who did not wish to resume working with us, as well as to increase our pool of crew for the new ships that are still coming out.

Please note that the fact that we are advertising for new positions does not in any way affect our existing crew’s return to work on board. The new hiring actions are solely meant to secure the proper rotation and ships’ manning in light of resumption of operations.

Below is a summary of information previously sent for all crew currently at home in preparation for your eventual re-embarkation, pending authorization from all the government authorities:

  • If your contract was interrupted due to the halt of operations and you signed off before the end of your contract with your freeze deal, you will be prioritized for re-embarkation when MSC Cruises resumes full operations
  • If you completed your contract during the halt of operations or have not yet embarked during 2021 you will be rotated into the schedule according to the operational needs once MSC Cruises resumes full operations.
  • If you are a candidate crew member, having been approved for embarkation but no contract has been provided, you will potentially be scheduled into the rotation, after first giving priority to returning crew as outlined above. As re-opening plans develop further and more vessels return to service, we will be in touch with further information, especially now that new positions, as out lined above, are becoming available.

Please note that, if your contact details are up to date, there is no need to contact your agency. We will be in touch with you the moment we receive a new engagement proposal/contract for you. While at home we recommend you keep your documents current as much as possible – such as your passport, etc.

We count on your kind understanding and further patience in the embarkation process, and we hope to see you onboard soon.

Please stay healthy and safe.

Best Regards

Andre Schlemmer
Chief Operations Officer

Shosholoza Ocean Academy – Exclusive Manning and Training Agency, MSC Cruises South Africa