Electrician Engineer






To oversee the maintenance of all Electrical equipment throughout the Ship and the Engine room. 



  • Assist the First Electrical Engineer in repairing and maintaining the vessel’s electrical equipment and machinery
  • Ongoing maintenance of high and low voltage electrical facilities
  • By mutual agreement with the Chief, Electrician Engineer be on board the vessel at any time the First Electrical Engineer is absent from the ship
  • Daily consultations with the Chief Electrician Engineer concerning methods and procedures for the maintenance and upkeep of the electrical equipment both out and inside of the engine room
  • Assign duties to relevant personnel, actively supervising overhaul and repair work
  • Inspect work in progress and once completed assure that manpower is utilized to its fullest extent and that no wastage of material occurs
  • Supervise the use of appropriate material, assuring the required safety of personnel and equipment
  • Train engine department personnel to follow safe working practices, ensuring that functions are fully recognized by all and that work done and the manner of performance conforms to established standards
  • Prepare requisitions and spare parts, submitting them to the Chief Engineer


QUALIFICATIONS (skills, competencies, experience)

  • Fluent English, oral and written. Any additional European language is considered an advantage
  • Meet the requirements of the laws of the Flag State of the ship regarding health & physical requirements
  • Extensive successful experience in a similar position on board a cargo vessel or another Cruise company
  • The ability to work alone and as part of a collaborative team and with little supervision
  • Great problem-solving skills
  • Great supervisory and crises management skills
  • Physically fit in order to participate in emergency lifesaving procedures and safety drill including the lowering of lifeboats  



  • Satisfy the requirements of STCW 95 regarding certification for this position
  • Basic Safety Training Certificate including Advanced Fire-fighting experience and Swimming & Rowing competence
  • STCW Crowd & Crisis Management and Human Behaviour
  • STCW Security Duties
  • Certificate of Competency IMO III/7
  • High Voltage Operations
  • A recognised seafarer’s medical certification is required before starting work onboard



  • Passport
  • Seaman’s Book
  • MMRV and COVID Vaccine Certifications


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