Utility Restaurant

ORGANIZATION: Explora Journeys


LINE MANAGER: Maître d`Hotel



To assist the Waiter to provide professional, high-quality Dining Service to Guests in all food outlets.



  • To wash your hands every time you enter the galley, after handling soiled flatware, or at any other time, you may have contaminated them.
  • To ensure that all Company Food Safety and sanitation regulations are followed at all times and in all cruise areas.
  • To see and understand the show plates arranged in the galley by the Chef before every meal.
  • To assist the Waiter to provide a high standard of food service to Guests at a specific Station in the Restaurant, and when assigned, to duty at any Buffet (breakfast, lunch, or evening).
  • To attend training sessions when required by the Maître d’hôtel
  • To report any Guest problems and/or complaints to the Waiter immediately.
  • To maintain cleanliness and sanitation of Waiter Station, tables and chairs, carpet, and fixtures.
  • To attend all restaurant meetings as required by the Maître
  • To be on station (place of work) 15 minutes before the start of duty.
  • To be standing when Guests arrive, helping them by pulling out chairs.
  • To ensure the napkin is placed, be familiar with bread selection of the day and serve the bread and a clean menu in the correct language offered after Guests have sat down.
  • To ensure Guests are never rushed, or made to feel that they are being rushed.
  • To study and understand all menus in all languages.
  • To transport from the kitchen to the serving station all food items and to transport used utensils to the Dishwash area and to place them in the correct places, avoiding confusion and breakage.
  • To ensure all food is carried from the Galleys covered, on a tray, at shoulder level.
  • To offer and explain to Guests all sauces, dressings and condiments.
  • To always ensure clean and soiled dishes are separated on the Waiter Station
  • To always wear disposable plastic gloves if handling ready-to-eat fruit or ice.
  • To maintain the tables, chairs, carpet, Waiter station and section in a perfectly clean condition.
  • To ensure there is always enough extra (and special) bread rolls (and iced tea/water) on the Waiter Station.
  • To be at your station when Guests leave the restaurant, and to offer them a courteous farewell.
  • To be considerate and polite at all times, anticipating the needs of the Guest o To treat Guests with the same professional courtesy at Open Sittings and Breakfasts as you do during dinner.
  • As required by the Maître d’hôtel on a rotating basis, clean the Restaurants.
  • Assist as required in the service and transport of food at buffets (breakfast, lunch or midnight)
  • Assist Waiter in providing a professional wine service by collecting wine, offering the wine list, and refilling wine.



  • Minimum 12 months 5-star hotel or restaurant service (excluding nJob Training), or at least one completed satisfactory contract in a similar position (including Buffet, Messroom or Room Service) on this or other Cruise vessel.
  • High School graduation.
  • Proven working knowledge of the operation of a high volume, high-class restaurant.
  • Good and proven understanding of basic food-safety principles.
  • High School graduation.
  • Understanding of HACCP food protection principles.
  • Able to communicate easily with Guests of all ages and national backgrounds.
  • Capable of replacing Waiter in times of need.
  • Ability to work in harmony with colleague Assistant Waiters from many different backgrounds.



  • Possess a valid passport and seaman book.


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