Assistant Bartender

ORGANIZATION: Explora Journeys





To assist the bartender to supervise an assigned bar profitably, in full compliance with company sanitation standards, and to provide an enjoyable environment for Guests.



  • Supervise the work operations of the Barboy, and Wait for personnel in the assigned bar area.
  • Satisfy the needs of every Guest in a professional manner by providing courteous, quick, and professional service at all times.
  • Take all steps to ensure Guests are not kept waiting unreasonably for service in any area of the assigned bar.
  • Apply all bar-related sanitation rules and requirements, in accordance with Company sanitation procedures.
  • Make daily self-inspection checks to ensure the bar and bar pantry meets all sanitation requirements to meet Company sanitation standards.
  • Comply with standard procedures relating to cleanliness, set-ups, furniture, canapés, menus, appropriate room, and door signs.
  • Assist the bartender to maintain a clean, sanitized bar that is stocked to standards at all times.
  • Constantly check the assigned bar and lounge areas for cleanliness and furniture repairs or replacements
  • Ensure the freshness and quality of all juices and pre-mixes and taste them before use.
  • Rotate perishables and beers.
  • Always use assigned measures when preparing beverages.
  • Ensure that sugar-free drinks, as well as fruit juices, are advertised and available in all bars
  • Attend all training meetings as required and advised by the Bar Manager.
  • Maintain all par (start-up stock) levels in the assigned bar
  • Report to the BarTender all breakage, spoilage, or loss (due to negligence, rough seas, or theft).
  • Working with the Bartender, complete all Beverage Requisitions as specified in the beverage manual.
  • If required by the Bartender, take part in a cruise by cruise physical inventory at an assigned bar.
  • Advise the Bartender if under-aged Guests are detected or suspected of consuming alcohol.
  • Learn all recipes specified in the Beverage Manual.
  • Ensure the bar is properly secured before leaving at night.



  • Fluent in oral and written English (working & Safety language of the Company)
  • (How): Ability to speak, read and write in Italian is a major benefit and may be a requirement.
  • Ability to speak, read and write in any major other languages (German, Spanish, Portuguese, French.
  • Proven profitable bar skills on a Cruise Ship, or supported evidence of similar skills in a multinational hotel or similar environment ashore


  • Possess a valid passport and seaman book.

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