Assistant Housekeeper

ORGANIZATION: Explora Journeys

BUSINESS AREA: Housekeeping

LINE MANAGER: Housekeeping Manager



The Assistant Housekeeper is to be able to deputize in every way for the Housekeeper in times of need. This responsibility includes complete supervision of the cleaning, disinfection, service and standards of the entire housekeeping department. Assistant Housekeepers are to also read and understand the Role Description of the Housekeeper in order to understand the responsibilities associated with the position.



  • Take meal breaks following the time schedule, ensuring there is always an Assistant Housekeeper on duty.
  • Check the Master Card locker to ensure all keys have been collected in time for service and returned after service.
  • As Night Assistant, check laundry facilities to see how are managing the night’s consignment of suite linen and towels. Report any difficulties or technical problems to the Housekeeper.
  • As Night Assistant, report to the Housekeeper if any suite changes are required because of overnight challenges.
  • Check the Housekeeping stores assigned and advise the Housekeeper of any material to be ordered.
  • Check continuously that ashtrays and/or trash cans around the ship are empty and clean.
  • Attend the daily housekeeping team meeting and follow up on any action required.
  • Check supervised pantries twice a day, ensure pantry watch schedule is followed, and ice machines, lockers, and fridges are clean, tidy, and logs correctly completed.
  • Assist as required by the Housekeeper in the embarkation of new Guests.
  • Supervise and follow up on the cleanliness standard and disinfection of Staff and Officer Cabin accommodation.
  • Schedule and follow up with the orientation and training of new housekeeping team members at work.
  • Before the start of every new cruise, ensure the preparation for embarkation is done correctly by a supervised team. Prepare all printed materials, section plans, and special requests and ensure they are given to the supervised team before embarkation.
  • Able to dispense, use and understand safe applications of all institutional cleaning chemicals provided by the Company for use in the housekeeping department.
  • During daily meetings, ensure the Housekeeping team complies with the Company’s uniform standards (no excessive jewelry, hairstyles neat and tidy, no exposed tattoos, safety shoes clean, badges in correct position, uniforms correct, and that no person has forgotten to use deodorant.
  • Once per month or when required, organize and participate in outbreak response groups involving the Hit Squad, following NLV procedures specified in the Company Standard Procedures.
  • If required by the Housekeeper, supervise the distribution of pool towels at the swimming pool, or beach towels at the gangway, ensuring polite, efficient service, and regular transport of clean and used towels between the pool area and the laundry.
  • When on duty, continuously check the cleanliness and disinfection standards of all guests (indoor and outdoor) in public bathrooms, ensuring supplies are kept up to the required par levels.
  • As arranged by the Housekeeper, rotate with colleague Assistant Housekeepers to remain on call at night for any emergencies or cabin changes.



  • Ensure the highest standard of cleanliness and service in assigned duties on supervised decks.
  • Meet the Housekeeper in the Housekeeping Office at a scheduled daily time, a few minutes earlier then start a complete inspection of suites being cleaned and prepared.
  • Apply all Standard Procedures specified for this role in the Housekeeping Department.
  • Ensure leading by example, that no monies or favors whatsoever are requested, demanded, or received from any housekeeping personnel, and that you reported to the Staff Captain.
  • Start daily work punctually, conduct the supervised team meeting, making a physical check of all Team members.
  • Check all Suite Host are on duty wearing clean and correct uniforms, name badges and that all-male team members are shaved and tidy and correct safety shoes are worn by entire team.
  • Ensure all public areas, staircases, elevators, glass windows, and public toilets are being cleaned, polished and disinfected for a flowless first impression, up to Explora Journeys standards.
  • Fluent in oral and written English ,ability to speak, read and write in Italian is a major benefit.
  • A minimum of 3 completed contracts as a Senior Cabin Steward on a Cruise line, or a minimum of 2 years as a Room Attendant or Floor supervisor in a Five-Star International Hotel.
  • Proven multi-operational skills in Cruise Ship Housekeeping operation in a multinational environment.
  • Ability to work in a team that is focus on exceeding guest expectations.
  • Ability to motivate and lead the team.



  • Possess a valid passport and seaman book.


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