Bartender/ Mixologist/ Whiskey Specialist

ORGANIZATION: Explora Journeys


LINE MANAGER: Beverage Manager



Company guidelines, the Bartender provides an excellent guest drinking experience ensures and ensures the profitability of the assigned part of the bar.



  • Ensure the Food safety compliance in the assigned Bar
  • Ensure that information for the consumer is available (i.e Allergens, Gluten-free)
  • Read and comply with the MSC Standard Procedures Manual.
  • Provide courteous, friendly, quick, and professional service at all times and to all customers, satisfying their needs in such a way that they will want to return to the bar.
  • Take all steps to ensure Guests are not kept waiting unreasonably for service in the assigned bar and lounge.
  • Generate maximum sales and profits by creative work procedures, which include (but are not limited to) Happy Hour, Daily Specials, Cocktail demonstrations, Wine Tasting Drinks to support the theme of the day or the location of the ship, etc. – all of which are advised by the Bar Manager within the policies of the Company.
  • Know immediately every recipe and every drink on the MSC bar list, and how to prepare them quickly and attractively according to specifications.
  • Train and supervise the work operations of the Assistant Bar Tender, Bar boy (where applicable), and Waiting for personnel in the assigned bar area.
  • Apply all bar-related food safety, sanitation, and HACCP procedures and compliance.
  • Make daily self-inspection checks to ensure the bar and the bar pantry meets all sanitation requirements compliant with Company sanitation protocols.
  • Comply with standards procedures relating to cleanliness, set-ups, furniture, canapés, menus, room, and door signs.
  • Maintain a clean, sanitized bar that is stocked to standards of par at all times, reporting any missing or excess items to the Bar Manager.
  • Report any Guest requests for drinks not available onboard to allow the Bar Manager to provide these drinks where required and possible.
  • Accept responsibility for the complete beverage stock in the assigned bar.
  • Accept responsibility for all lost sales in the assigned bar.
  • Constantly check the assigned bar and lounge areas for cleanliness and furniture repairs or replacements, advising the Bar Manager if something needs attention.
  • Ensure the freshness and quality of all juices and pre-mixes and taste them before use.
  • Rotate perishable beverages and beer, using the FIFO method.
  • Ensure that sugar-free drinks, as well as fruit juices, are available in the designated bars.
  • Attend all management and training meetings as required and advised by the Bar Manager.
  • Report to the Bar Manager all breakage, spoilage, or loss (due to negligence, rough seas, or theft).
  • Record all sales on the Fidelio or other cashless register and properly maintain all checks (Guests, Staff, Officers, and System Accounts).
  • Ensure that any ‘no-sales’ recorded are posted on a bar check and authorized by the Bar Manager or Assistant Bar Manager.
  • Make all Beverage Requisitions as specified in the beverage manual.
  • Keep one copy of the Beverage Requisition for daily records.
  • Take part in a cruise-by-cruise physical inventory at an assigned bar.
  • Always display signs indicating the company’s underage drinking limits, and advise the Bar Manager or Assistant if underage minors are suspected of drinking alcohol.
  • Ensure the assigned bar is properly secured before leaving at night, but never close bars before advertised closing times unless advised by the duty Purser.
  • When handling Potentially Hazardous foods/high-risk foods (Milk, Melons, etc.), always use the HACCP 4-hour time control with appropriate labels.
  • Always ensure a calibrated food thermometer is in the bar working area.
  • Maintain the bar coffee machine, glassware, drinkware, and silverware in a cleaned, sanitized condition.
  • Make random spot checks of food contact surfaces for traces of contamination, and send any unclean items to be re-washed.
  • Never automatically place peanuts (or snacks containing nuts) on bars or tables. (Company allergen advisory applies). Nuts are to be provided /when available) either on request or if offered by the BarTender or bar personnel.
  • Ensure all non-smoking signs are positioned on tables in designated non-smoking areas.



  • Fluent English. Knowledge of any other language is an advantage.
  • Secondary school graduate.
  • At least 2 years experience as Bar Tender in the cruise industry or an international 5-star Hotel or similar major resort.
  • A clear knowledge of electronic cash transacting, Fidelio, and MMS systems are a strong advantage.
  • Proven ability to work in a harmonious productive team.
  • Positive attitude and excellent communication skills.
  • Excellent customer service.



  • Possess a valid passport and seaman book.


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