Provision Master

ORGANIZATION: Explora Journeys


LINE MANAGER: F&B Controller



He / She is responsible for the efficient, safe, and secure supervision of the hotel supplies. He is responsible to order and receive and record in the MMS all items destined for the Ship’s Hotel Store, and to manage the safe and controlled discharge of material to all departments authorized to make withdrawals, at all times recording the movements in and out of the store on the MMS.



  • Ensure the Food safety compliance and application of all Standard Procedures relating to this position.
  • Maintain Par levels of all Hotel, Food safety, Uniform, PPE, and Promotion items, and perform ordering of expiring items with safe time to ensure replenishment.
  • Ensure no Hotel supplies are exhausted or left at zero level
  • Dockside loading supervision of all materials part of the Hotel stores; organization of the loading team; check the correspondence of pallet/parcels physically delivered and the ones listed. All above responsibilities must be carried out taking always as a reference to the Loading List sent by the Shoreside Offices.
  • Responsible for the plastic pallets dotation in the Hotel store, ensuring the correspondence of the total number of pallets loaded and the total number of the ones to return during the next call.
  • Train and supervise the Assistant Hotel Storekeeper and Uniform Keeper.
  • Check on the integrity of the loaded materials, ensuring that the typology of all items delivered and loaded match exactly to the product technical data sheet and the quantities confirmed into the MMS System.
  • Fill properly the discrepancy report (SP 09.01.01) always adding the Inventory Officer.
  • Calendar and the max. Hotel Store par-stock. The endowments orders must be always done in cooperation with the relevant HOD (Head of Department)
  • Inform the HOD of the arrivals of new articles (s/he is co-responsible for any new implementation failure).
  • Supervisor, after verifying conformity with spot checks, is in charge to send the Form to the F&B Div.
  • Provide, upon Hotel Director/Inventory Officer’s request, a complete detailed stock inventory.
  • Carry out scheduled and continuous stock counts as per Company requirements.
  • Analyze twice a month the Slow-moving and not moving items and forward the analysis to the Inventory Officer, in order to coordinate with the shoreside offices any corrective action.
  • Ensure a complete stock of sanitation material is kept at Par levels, and that any excessive use of these materials is investigated and reported.
  • Open/close the Hotel Storerooms only at times specified by the Company, and ensure they are locked at the end of each day and at any time when the Hotel Store Supervisor or Assistant are not in attendance.
  • Manage the storage, disbursement, and reordering of all authorized institutional cleaning products.
  • Ensure safe and economical storage and identification of Hotel material, using First-In-First-Out (FIFO), and ensuring correct airflow between stored items is provided to meet Food safety, health, and safety regulations.
  • Check the integrity of all labels, to ensure all goods are used before their marked expiry dates.
  • Ensure accurate and clear labeling of all items, particularly chemicals and toxic or dangerous products.
  • Monitor temperatures in any Hotel Chemical storage areas, and report any unusual temperature changes.



  • Fluent in oral and written English.



  • Possess a valid passport and seaman book.


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