Suite Host

ORGANIZATION: Explora Journeys

BUSINESS AREA: Housekeeping

LINE MANAGER: Housekeeping Manager



Suite Host is ultimately responsible for the care and attention of our guests in the most private places of their journey– their suite. The guest suite becomes for the duration of the journey, the guest private home, where the Suite Host will provide the highest service, contributing to an extraordinary journey, by going one step further to provide personalized service.

  • The principal objectives of Suite Host are to provide the following fundamental elements:
    • High care of Guests, their possessions, their Suite, and Residence
    • Suite and Residence cleanliness and attention to detail and guest needs
    • Discreet, unintrusive and genuine hospitality
    • Punctuality, integrity, and reliability
    • Create a memorable stay for the guests



  • Clean and prepare the guest suite per the Company standards and set up, for embarkation day and during the daily service.
  • Properly clean and sanitize all surfacing, following PH rules, avoiding cross-contamination during handling of food, water, and ice.
  • Professional, courteous, and friendly service for all Guests, and addressing their Guests by name, after the second night onboard, maximize the use of guest history info presented in special requests, ensure a high level of guest recognition.
  • Familiarize the guests with safety aspects and all futures of the suite, including air conditioning, TV remote control, light switches, and residence upon Embarkation, by performing the
  • Meet and greet with all the guests from the specific working section. Familiarize the guests with facilities and controls, location of life jackets, muster station, emergency information, TV remote control, light switches, Smart control, etc.
  • Follow up on all guests’ special requests promptly.
  • Report any guest-related concerns to the Assistant Housekeeper, immediately once notified of the concern.
  • Report for work on time, following correct uniform and work Company standards, have the working trolley and cleaning supplies on the corridor, ready to start the working shift.
  • To ensure that all equipment is removed from hallways during the break and safely stored away after use.
  • To report and follow up on any maintenance concerns raised in the working station.
  • Linen and towels to be changed as per Company standards; full linen changes every 3rd day or more often if required, daily change of pillowcase unless differently requested by guests.
  • To make all beds for day use and turn them down at night, in accordance with Company Standard setup.
  • For bed-making procedures to follow up the “hospital corner”, no knots are permitted.
  • Used towels to be changed morning and evening or kept unchanged is requested by Guests following the environmental policy.
  • Day cleaning and turn-down service of all assigned suites, along with all other scheduled extra duties.
  • Clear control and safeguard of all stocks used.
  • Used room service tray to be removed from the guest suite and placed in the pantry; once the suite cleaning was completed, nothing was left behind inside the suite.
  • Pick-up and delivery of laundry to be done in accordance with Company procedure, properly checking the laundry slip placed inside the bag.
  • Maintain the flowers and plants in all suites and residences from the assigned section by watering them regularly and communicating with the Florist for any extra care.
  • Replenishments and refilling of all in-suite amenities as per the guest’s needs and consumption.
  • Collection and delivery to the suite of any literature or information dedicated to them.
  • Before embarkation, make a full self-check of the guest suite and bathrooms, ensuring all points comply with Standard Procedures.
  • Perform and follow up as requested on the sanitation of showerheads, jacuzzi, and toilet brushes and record these functions, as advised by Public Health.
  • Before embarkation, make a full self-check of the guest suite and bathrooms, ensuring all points comply with Standard Procedures.
  • To greet/farewell and generally assists Guests at embarkation and disembarkation.
  • To prepare all empty suites ready in every way for embarkation or for use by guests at any given time.
  • To maintain the cleanliness of corridors and hallways in the assigned sections.
  • To ensure cleanliness, stocking, safe storage, and good order of pantry or personal locker.
  • To ensure that all waste material is separated correctly per category and if needed, transported correctly to the Recycling Center.
  • On the first day of every cruise, provide the Housekeeper a list with the suite number and the names of any sick or disabled Guests who may need help in case of emergency.
  • To check the stock of the Minibars in all guest suites, collecting supplies as required from the Minibar pantry.
  • Ensure that vacuum cleaners are not used in guest suites or hallways before 09.00 am and after 21:30 pm.
  • To perform and follow up on any Deep Cleaning projects as advised by the Housekeeper and end of contract cleaning procedures to be completed prior to the sign-off date.
  • To give NO information about the status of the suites (empty, full, under repair etc.) to Guests or other personnel.
  • If required by the Housekeeper, to participate in baggage transport at the end of any specified cruise, and to ensure that baggage are carried safely.
  • Required to perform evening watch and long watch duties as scheduled for each Journey.
  • Perform any additional cleaning tasks required by the Assistant Housekeeper or Housekeeper.
  • Perform extra duties as required by the company, such as Team acknowledgment events as set out by voyage demands.
  • To be familiar with and execute the Explora journeys standard procedures appropriate to their role.



  • A minimum of 24 months (documented and demonstrable) as a Cabin Steward on an Internationally trading Guest vessel, or a minimum of 2 years as a Room Attendant in a high-standard International Hotel (4/5 Stars).
  • Proven multi-operational skills in Cruise Ship Housekeeping operation in a multinational environment.
  • High School Graduate.
  • Certificate of good service in a specialized housekeeping training facility.
  • Demonstrated understanding of all MSC sanitation standards relating to Housekeeping and Food Safety.
  • Demonstrated ability to work efficiently at high speed, in close co-operation with an assistant.
  • Fluent in oral and written English (working & Safety language of the Company).
  • The ability to speak, read and write in any major other languages (Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Chinese, etc.) is considered a major advantage that could eventually influence the selection for some positions.
  • For the Suite host safety and others on board, certain physical abilities will be maintained.
  • The Suite Host must be able to climb, bend, perform the repetitive motion, and eventually do heavy lifting.
  • The Suite Host must maintain physical fitness to perform tasks associated with the performed role.



  • Possess a valid passport and seaman book.


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