Assistant Wellness and Spa Manager

ORGANIZATION: Explora Journeys


LINE MANAGER: Wellness and Spa Manager



In line with Explora Journeys policies and procedures and under the supervision of the Wellness and Spa Manager, the Assistant Wellness and Spa Manager assists the Management with the overall supervision of the team, including fitness coaches, wellness specialists, hair & nail technicians, Spa Therapists, and massage therapists. Responsible for responding to all interactions in an efficient, courteous, and professional manner to achieve maximum guest satisfaction.



  • Acts as the main point of contact in the operation, by Greeting, accommodating, and facilitating guest arrival and departure in the Wellness and Spa Center
  • Arranging appointments while greeting and accommodating guests
  • Responding to all interactions in an efficient, courteous, and professional manner to achieve maximum guest satisfaction and comfort.
  • Handling all guest interactions with the highest level of hospitality and professionalism, accommodating special requests whenever possible.
  • Complete opening and closing procedures for the Wellness and Spa Center, including but not limited to turning on/off the computers, setting the alarm, turning on/off lights, and generally tidying the reception desk area.
  • Assist guests with the sale of retail merchandise; assist in the inventory and stocking of retail items.
  • Set-up and maintain Wellness and Spa Center including refreshments, locker rooms, thermal and pre-treatment area.
  • Conduct and manage the training of the Wellness and Spa staff in accordance with the standards.
  • Maintain operating criteria/spa concepts and be responsible for the coordination and scheduling of all Wellness, Spa, and Fitness-related services in relation to assistance with policies, philosophy, and objectives with the guidance of the Wellness and Spa Manager.
  • Work closely with relevant departments to monitor and maintain spa facilities in good condition.
  • Utilize and manage efficiently all computer systems relevant to the departments.
  • Ensure all equipment is kept in perfect working condition and report any deficiencies to the proper department.
  • Anticipate, in advance, all materials and operational supplies and assure their availability on stock.
  • Be cross-trained in all functions of the Wellness & Spa Department where appropriate.
  • Assist the Wellness and Spa Manager in tracking and developing statistical reporting.
  • Maintain a safe and hazard-free environment for all staff and members and promote safety awareness at all times.
  • Ensure timely and effective performance reviews are done on time for the department.
  • Hold regular departmental meetings to assist in communication within the department.
  • Keep the Wellness and Spa informed about the department, all employees’ performance, and guests’ and members’ concerns and comments.
  • Assist other departments when possible.
  • Manage monthly operational and retail inventory
  • Conduct timely quality assurance tests to ensure service quality is maintained at all times.
  • Convey clear instructions and guidance to staff and establish working relationships that attain a high level of effective employee morale.
  • Respond properly and efficiently in any hotel emergency or safety situation.
  • Manage the operation effectively in absence of the Wellness and Spa Manager
  • Perform additional duties or tasks assigned by the Manager



  • Proficient speaking, reading, and writing skills in English, and preferable with a fluent level in at least 1 of the following languages: German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese. Any other language is considered as a plus;
  • High School Graduate or equivalent;
  • At least 1-3 years experience as a Wellness and Spa professional in a five-star SPA environment, of which a position of Spa Team Leader was held for 1-year minimum
  • Upselling and cross-selling skills
  • Exceptional communication and guest service skills;
  • The ability to take a proactive approach to understanding guests’ needs and desires.
  • Sensitive to the world of beauty and luxury, a keen sense of detail, accuracy, and refinement;
  • Able to promote treatments, services, and cosmetic products without giving the impression of being a “hard seller”;
  • Be computer literate, possessing skills in both word-processing and spreadsheet applications;
  • Excellent human relations skills and sense of observation and listening with a talent for motivating employees to excel and to be perceptive to the individual wants and needs of our guests residents and peers;
  • Good organizational skills, with the ability to work independently;
  • Ability to function in a fast-paced environment set priorities, and adjust to changing conditions;
  • High work ethic, with a sense of responsibility for the role, filled within our team;
  • Good analytical skills, pragmatic, solution-driven, and a sense of continuous improvement;
  • Maintain a professional appearance and behave in a mature manner with integrity at all times;
  • Good elocution, innate sense of listening, politeness and dialogue;
  • Charismatic, excellent interpersonal, empathic qualities, strong team spirit;
  • Interest and ability to provide outstanding service to our guests
  • Have excellent interpersonal skills to meet the expectations of a high-end clientele.



  • Possess a valid passport and seaman book.


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