ORGANIZATION: Explora Journeys


LINE MANAGER: Sous Chef Baker



The primary responsibility of the Baker is to assist the Head Baker in effectively supervising and managing the onboard Bakery Production.



  • Ensure that Quality Standards and Procedures are in line with company Rules and Regulations.
  • Ensure that bakery personnel is guided and trained to increase productivity.
  • Manage the preparation of bakery items that require good professional bakery skills, with the help of the Sous Chef & Executive Baker.
  • Responsible for the production of bakery goods such as different bread rolls, Danish, breads, croissants, etc.
  • Possess good knowledge of the Bakery and an understanding of culinary terms.
  • Possess knowledge of the various types of grains and flour, gluten-free bread options, and food-related allergies.
  • Maintain a disciplined shift and be in control of both the production and personnel assigned.
  • Read, understand, follow and prepare company recipes.
  • Ensure that menus, recipes, guidelines & methods provided are followed.
  • Able to work in any section of the Bakery Department and demonstrate methods and recipes to subordinates.
  • Complete tasks efficiently.
  • Maintain and ensure that Public Health regulations (US, Anvisa, Shipsan, Canadian, Australian, etc.) are followed at all times on board.
  • Produce and maintain the expected level of food quality in the assigned area and according to instructions from Executive & Sous Chef Baker.
  • Maintain quality and consistency in taste, presentation, and appearance, according to recipes and pictures.
  • Rectify any discrepancies immediately.
  • Produce and maintain the expected level of food quality in the area of responsibility.
  • Master bread decorations for the various buffet themes and special occasions as required by the operation.
  • Prepare the daily electronic requisitions according to the guest count and forecast figures. 
  • Communicate to the Sous chef Baker and Executive Baker, any relevant provision issues on a daily basis.
  • Possess knowledge of the United States Public Health rules and regulations, and ensure that they are followed on a daily basis.
  • Conduct spot-checks and any type of inspections (SMS, PH) as necessary.
  • Control and maintain all Bakery equipment distributed to staff, ensuring that it is cleaned and/or sanitized and returned in an acceptable condition after each use.
  • Monitor the cleaning, handling, and storage of all Bakery equipment.
  • Justify, record, and report any damages and/or malfunctions.
  • Report for duty at assigned times.
  • Follows supervisor instructions.
  • Ensure the recipe-training program is conducted as required, corrected if needed, and communicated to Executive Baker.
  • Control food production to minimize/avoid waste.
  • Ensure that all safety procedures are followed.



  • Advanced Bakery Skills.
  • Minimum of 8 years of experience in the field, in a luxury hospitality establishment or upscale cruise line.
  • Fluent in written and spoken English.
  • Communicate effectively with the senior management.
  • Possess the ability to lead and make decisions.
  • Good administrative skills.
  • Experienced in coaching subordinates.
  • Must be cost and quality conscious.
  • Adhere to specific scheduled work hours, yet be flexible if circumstances require it.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft programs including but not limited to, Outlook, Word, and Excel.
  • Bakery School degree.
  • Food Hygiene Certification.



  • Possess a valid passport and seaman book.


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