Assistant Beverage Manager

ORGANIZATION: Explora Journeys


LINE MANAGER: Beverage Manager



To provide the highest standards of Beverage service and to maintain set standards in Food safety, sanitation, hygiene, and personnel management, in compliance with Company Food safety & sanitation protocols in every area the ship may operate at sea and in repair/lay-up periods.



    • Assist the Bar Manager to ensure Food safety compliance in the Beverage department.
    • Assist the Bar Manager to ensure that information for the consumer is available (i.e Allergens, Gluten-free).
    • Assist the Bar Manager to provide professional, friendly, and profitable Beverage services in every beverage outlet, giving a service that exceeds the expectations of Guests.
    • Ensure Guests are not kept waiting unreasonably for service in any bar or associated area.
    • Specials, Cocktail demonstrations, Wine Tasting Drinks to support the theme of the day or the location of the ship, etc. within the policies of the Company.
    • Follow all bar-related Food safety & sanitation procedures as required by the Company.
    • Supervise the bar service for Crew, ensuring this area is maintained within Company Food safety & sanitation standards.
    • Supervise daily-inspection checks to ensure all bars, bar pantries, machinery, and storerooms meet all Company Food safety & sanitation and safety requirements.
    • Apply the full use of the Fidelio (or other) cashless system and attend all Fidelio training and upgrade programs as required by the company.
    • Ensure all bars and wine stores are fully stocked to par level at all times.
    • Ensure all bar personnel receives full familiarization and training for their positions when signing on, using the MSC Familiarization booklets and procedures.
    • Engender a high level of morale within the bar department, developing a good working relationship with all other shipboard departments.
    • In supervisory roles, ensure all bar personnel receives fair and unbiased treatment without exception.
    • Assist in the coordination of all sign-on and sign-off procedures for bar personnel as required by the Bar Manager.
    •  Help pre-evaluate all bar personnel prior to their disembarkation or the disembarkation of the Bar Manager.
    • Assist in the compilation of a full inventory of all equipment and stock.
    • Attend regular (weekly) meetings and regular training programs, documenting and filing details of all meetings.
    • If required by the Staff Captain, take part in inspections of bar personnel cabins to ensure order, cleanliness, and hygiene.
    • Advise the Bar Manager of resignations, dismissals, or other sign-offs in good time to allow replacement.
    • Provide for the Bar Manager an accurate log of uniforms, equipment, thermometers, openers, cabin keys, etc. issued to personnel.
    • Attend and help coordinate the beverage activities at all parties and special functions.
    • Systematically check for the correct use of standard glassware, using standard recipes and standard proportions and measures.
    • Be present during physical inventory stock takes.
    • Ensure sugar-free or diet drinks, as well as fruit juices, are available in all assigned bars.
    • Check regularly all bar and lounge areas where bars exist to ensure the cleanliness of furniture reporting any deficiencies to the Housekeeping Department.
    • Ensure that Par Levels (start-up stock) are maintained in all beverage outlets.
    • Report to the Bar Manager all breakage, spoilage, or loss (due to negligence rough seas, or theft).
    • Ensure that all Beverage Requisitions are given to the Food and Beverage Manager in good time to ensure delivery.
    • Take part in the preparation of bottle store requests and be aware at any time of the actual stock availability in the store.
    • If required by the Bar Manager, personally conduct the weekly spot-check inventories in the bars, reporting results to Bar Manager and elaborate on the necessary actions in case of discrepancies.
    • Assist in enforcing the company requirement to prohibit minors from consuming alcohol at bars.
    • Ensure all bars are safely secured at night and in ports when unattended,


    •  Fluent in oral and written English (working & Safety language of the Company).
    • Ability to speak, read and write in Italian is a major benefit and may be a requirement.
    • Ability to speak, read and write in any major other languages (German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Chinese, etc.) is considered a major advantage that could eventually influence the selection for some positions.
    • Proven profitable Bar Management skills on a Cruise Ship, or supported evidence of similar skills in a multinational hotel or similar environment ashore.



  • Possess a valid passport and seaman book.


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