About Shosholoza Ocean Academy

Find out more about MSC’s manning & training initiative, Shosholoza Ocean Academy and our investment in South Africa.

Who We Are

Shosholoza Ocean Academy - Who we areShosholoza Ocean Academy (SOA) is the first fully-owned MSC manning & training initiative in South Africa that is committed to addressing the country’s triple challenges of poverty, unemployment and inequality.

SOA’s focus is on the maritime sector, which is multifaceted and ranges from marine tourism to cruise hospitality.

The primary focus of the SOA is to train and provide opportunities for the South African youth to work on cruise ships.

The training facilities offered to the students are world class, including exact replicas of three common areas of MSC Cruises’ ships – a bar, a dining room and a cabin.

Our students’ teachers have been trained by international educators from MSC Cruises and each have more than four years’ experience onboard cruise ships working in a specialised field.

Another element of MSC’s training initiative is focused on empowering the Umzimkhulu community which has a 56.8% unemployment rate amongst its youth.

The academy is partnering with the local school in the area to provide extra tuition to scholars in Maths, Science and English with the aim of encouraging pass rates and increasing the quality of these passes. It is hoped that this will assist in transforming the community to become better skilled and self-sustaining.

Who We Represent

Shosholoza Ocean Academy - Who we representMSC needs outstanding people to help create outstanding cruise experiences around the world. Joining their team will show you the visionary spirit and strong values that have made them grow 800% in 10 years.

By 2022, they will double the number of guests they welcome aboard every year, so they are going to need enthusiastic and talented people.

An MSC Group Cruise Division career at sea is filled with opportunities to progress and develop, both personally and professionally. Working in this fascinating, atypical environment can be a hugely rewarding experience, where teamwork and initiative are of equal importance and where no two days are the same.

What makes MSC different from their competitors is that they are not a corporation, they are a family! The fact that they are a private family-owned company gives them a special and unique outlook on their staff and their business. When you enter their business, you enter a world of family seafaring tradition and excellence!

Apply Today

Shosholoza Ocean Academy apply today


Apply to the SOA 3 month sponsored training program to kick start a possible career onboard if you have passed Grade 10, are fluent in English and have no previous experience or training in the hospitality industry.

Shosholoza Ocean Academy apply today


If you have substantial experience in the hospitality industry, are passionate about excellent customer service and have a desire to travel the world and experience new cultures, we may have onboard opportunities for you at MSC Cruises or Explora Journeys.