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Empowering South Africa in the Maritime Sector

Shosholoza Ocean Academy (SOA) is proud to be the pioneering MSC Cruises manning and training initiative in South Africa, dedicated to tackling the nation's pressing challenges of poverty, unemployment, and inequality. With a specific focus on the multifaceted maritime sector, ranging from marine tourism to cruise hospitality, SOA aims to equip and empower South Africans with the necessary skills and opportunities to thrive in the cruise ship industry.


At SOA, we offer exceptional training facilities that rival the best in the world. Our students have access to state-of-the-art replicas of three key areas found on MSC Cruises' ships: a fully functional bar, a sophisticated dining room, and a comfortable cabin. To ensure the highest standards of education, our instructors have received training from esteemed international educators at MSC Cruises. With each instructor boasting a minimum of four years of experience in specialised fields aboard cruise ships, our students receive guidance from seasoned professionals.


Join us at Shosholoza Ocean Academy and embark on a transformative journey towards a rewarding career in the maritime industry.


At Shosholoza Ocean Academy, we are proud to serve as the trusted representative of the renowned MSC Group Cruise Division in Southern Africa. This prestigious partnership allows us to provide exceptional opportunities and forge exciting careers within the dynamic world of MSC Cruises. MSC Cruises, a globally recognized brand, has a rich heritage rooted in seafaring excellence. With a vision to create outstanding cruise experiences around the world, MSC Cruises has achieved remarkable growth, expanding by an astounding 800% over the past decade. 


By aligning with MSC Cruises, Shosholoza Ocean Academy opens doors to a realm of unparalleled possibilities. We offer aspiring individuals the chance to embark on a transformative journey where personal and professional development is paramount. A career with MSC Cruises is not just a job; it's an immersion into a captivating, atypical environment where teamwork and initiative hold equal importance. As a family-owned company, MSC Cruises stands apart from its competitors.  This distinctive quality lends an intimate and familial touch to both their approach towards staff and their business operations. 


When you join MSC Cruises, you become part of a world steeped in family seafaring tradition and a commitment to excellence, fostering an environment where your talents are nurtured and celebrated. Through our specialised representation of MSC Group Cruise Division, Shosholoza Ocean Academy connects ambitious individuals like you with the vast array of opportunities available within MSC Cruises. 


Whether you aspire to a career at sea or seek to explore the multifaceted realm of cruise hospitality on land, we are dedicated to supporting and guiding you towards realising your full potential.


Join us at Shosholoza Ocean Academy and embark on a rewarding journey, tailored for those seeking a remarkable cruise industry career aboard

MSC Cruises or Explora Journeys.

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